• On June 24, 2014 ·

Bakker-Construction_Salinas_CaIn the course of our lifetime, without a doubt your home is the single greatest investment you will ever make. But more than an investment financially, your home is an investment in your life. Homes are where we hang our hat. It’s where we cherish memories and gather with friends and family to create new ones. Home is where we can be ourselves.

Your Forever Home

In the past, people typically moved from home to home as their needs changed. However, in the modern era the trend is to stay in the home you already love, but make it fit your changing lifestyle. If moving is a necessity, it is more common that you find the perfect location but not the perfect home and now it is time to make this new house YOUR forever home.

Your forever home starts with Universal Design.  Universal design encompasses and addresses the needs and abilities of people of all ages. Sometimes referred to as “multi-generational design”, it combines safety and comfort with style and beauty to create an end product that is attractive, versatile and practical for years to come.

Universal design is about creating a home for everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability. Universal design makes a home safer and more comfortable for a wide range of people. And, as the name implies, Universal Design fits everyone and every lifestyle including:

•Families with young children

•Older adults who want to stay in their home as they grow older

•People who have limited mobility or dexterity

•People with a permanent or temporary disability or even

•People who are taller or shorter than average, and

It’s for all of us who want added convenience in the place we love and call home.

Universal Design Project

At Bakker Construction we believe that the best way to get the most out of your Universal Design project, or any remodeling project for that matter, is by working with many great minds.  After all, every journey is enriched by the contributions of multiple professionals, and we take this same approach to each construction project we complete.  This ongoing collaboration with other professionals creates a synergy that results in a process and product that reinforces our passion as innovators, and that benefits our clients and our projects tremendously.

Renovating your home is your second largest lifetime expenditure after the purchase of your home.  Taking the time to incorporate Universal Design features can truly make your dream house into your forever home.  If you need to make your home fit you, Bakker Construction will complete a remodel that fits your current needs and can help you prepare for what’s next.