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Finding a competent, trustworthy contractor can be challenging because potential customers may have limited knowledge about the work needed to be performed to complete their project. Employees at Bakker Construction can tell customers about our work ethic, customer service, and quality workmanship. but perspective customers know our comments are a form of advertising. In fact, we can even proudly indicate that we have won several successful entrepreneurial awards. However, testimonials from our past customers are more influential to promote our business.

Testimonials Provide Honest Customer Feedback

Using the services of a contractor can involve a long relationship. Additionally, contractors may be in your home for extended periods of time. Thus, an individual who is seeking a contractor has many concerns. They may be concerned about the timing of the project, the scope of the project, cost of the project, and the ability of the contractors to deliver what they promise. Although we can assure potential clients that we can meet and exceed their needs, unbiased, past customers are more influential for several reasons:

• Customers writing testimonials do not receive any compensation or benefit.

• They have personal experience using our services.

• A detail about their personal experiences may trigger questions from a potential customer that will help us ensure that they receive the best service possible.

Thus, using testimonials on our website lends credibility to our advertising. Our website tells potential customers what we will accomplish, but we can also show that our past customers were satisfied with our work. Many testimonials indicate that past customers have used our company for multiple projects. This promotes perspective clients’ confidence when choosing to hire us.

Testimonials Help Customers Find Us

Although we use customers’ testimonials on our website, a past customer may post a testimonial elsewhere. If a potential customer searches for a contractor on Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, Guide Quality, Google, or other online websites, they may come across a testimonial about our services. This can entice a customer to visit our website to learn more.

Testimonials Motivate Our Employees

Our employees work hard to do their jobs well. When clients write testimonials, they often mention employees by name. Recognition motivates our employees and promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Testimonials make our online presence more visible, provide compliments to our employees, and keep us knowledgeable about our customers’ experiences. Additionally, we appreciate the time a client takes to write a testimonial because our services need to be outstanding for them to spend the time to share their positive experiences. When a customer shares his experience, his comments are heard, and they help us provide even more outstanding service.

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