• On September 14, 2020 ·

The concept of Design-Build is extremely popular on the East Coast and is now making way on the Central Coast of California.  But why Design-Build?  What about the process makes it so great?  What even is the process??

First, Design-Build is, by definition, a method of delivering a project to completion in which the Design and Construction services are contracted by the same single entity—such as Bakker Construction.  In the Design-Build model, homeowners or business proprietors would reach out to a Design-Build firm when they know it’s time to make a change—whether large or small–to their current space.  This request would occur before any true conceptual idea for the project is formed.  After meeting and collaborating, the firm would formulate a proposal, with approximate hours to develop the Design, and a potential project cost/investment for Construction of the concept.  Once the project moves forward into the Design phase, there would be regular budget check-ins to ensure the costs of the project stay on track and within the agreed range.  When Design is finalized and permits are processing, the firm and client would enter into a Construction Agreement, with an extremely detailed scope of work and accurate cost of the project.  This agreement would ensure open lines of communication, minimizing confusion and reducing the need for change orders in the midst of construction.  With so much care and thought put in at the beginning stages, a Design-Build firm is able to help plan a smoother project overall for all parties involved.

Within the Design-Build process, there is an increase in ease and efficiency of communication between the Designer and Builder since they have regular interactions and talk about the client’s project daily, which in turn saves time and budget.  Time is saved due to virtually no waiting period for RFQ’s (Requests for Information) between the Contractor and Designer.  If the Contractor has a clarifying question about an item on the plans, normally a solo Architect might have a 24-48 hour response time.  In a Design- Build firm’s case, all the Designer would have to do is pop into the adjacent office to speak with the Estimator/Project Manager—another benefit to all in-house services.  Eliminating response wait times has been shown to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a project from design to end of construction by as much as 33%–compared to architect-bid-build–and more efficient communication reduces total project price by up to 6%.

The Design-Build method allows clients to have a proactive mindset as opposed to reactive reactions in a project.  During the Design and Development process, there is ample time for a firm to investigate any possible obstacles before starting the Construction phase.  Uncovering any potential issues in the Development phase allows for a better plan to remedy them in the Construction phase.  This method contributes to reducing costs dramatically.

The next time you are looking to renovate your vacation home in Carmel, or looking for a warm, safe place for your family in Pacific Grove, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Bakker Construction, your local Design-Build firm, to chat about your dream home!