• On December 8, 2015 ·

super pantryFor those who are considering a kitchen remodel, we encourage careful consideration of the space involved, and how to get the most effective use of that space. A popular design trend right now is the “open concept” kitchen, free of clutter with lots of unobstructed counter space and open lines of sight. However, homeowners might wonder where they are actually going to store things like food, large pots and pans, small appliances and the like, if they are not out on the countertop? A great solution is to consider a large, functional pantry, now commonly referred to as a “Super Pantry”.

What is a Super Pantry?

A Super Pantry is a large pantry area, either attached to or adjacent to the kitchen, with unlimited possibilities for design and usage. Most have lots of shelving for storage of drinks, dry food goods, and paper products, and items used less often such as fine china or your turkey roasting pan, but can include much more creative ideas as well. These extra-large pantries can be wired with numerous electrical outlets, so small appliances such as a wine fridge, countertop mixer, or coffee pot can stay out and accessible, or even house a deep freezer or secondary refrigerator. A super pantry can also function as a meal prep area, with space for keeping large pots and pans, cutting boards, and a food prep sink. For homeowners with pets, space in the pantry can also be incorporated for pet food or treat storage, a sleeping crate, or even a grooming station with pet washing area. The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Is a Super Pantry Right for My Home?

If you are building a new home or looking to remodel and rethink your kitchen, a super pantry could be a great fit for you. In an attempt to gain more storage, many homeowners think the answer is to add more cabinets, or to customize them with drawers and pullouts. However, doing so eats up a lot of precious floor and wall space in the kitchen…making the kitchen ultimately feel smaller and more closed in…the opposite of the original goal. A Super Pantry could be the answer, allowing the kitchen to function in the roles of cooking and entertaining, while storage and functionality are out of sight.

Do I Have Room for a Super Pantry?

The Super Pantry can take many forms, based upon your living situation. Homeowners in the process of building a new home may have an advantage, and the ability to design a separate pantry room into their home before it’s built. For the rest of us, many spaces can become a large pantry. If the garage connects to your kitchen, there could be an opportunity to claim some space to create a large walk-in closet-style pantry. Other ideas are as simple as claiming space from a bedroom near the kitchen, or even a coat closet…or can be as complex as reworking an eat-in-kitchen area as the pantry, and only using the dining room for mealtime.

We invite you to use the help of a Design/Build contractor to help you work with your space to create a functional and beautiful relationship between your kitchen and pantry spaces. Thinking about adding a Super Pantry to your Monterey home? Bakker Construction specializes in home and kitchen remodeling. Call us today at 831-998-7113.