• On January 20, 2016 ·

There are many factors that can motivate someone to make the decision to remodel their kitchen. It may be an obvious reason, such as buying a home with an outdated kitchen and desiring to update it, or it could be more complex and involve deep dissatisfaction with this area of a home they’ve lived in for years, and a desire to make it more functional, useful and inviting. Sometimes, we are motivated by experiencing a beautiful, newly renovated kitchen in a friend’s home, and being tired of wishing ours could look and function like theirs.

Whatever the factor may be, once a decision is made to change the kitchen we have, the next step is often to start looking at pictures, magazines, websites, maybe even visit a showroom, looking for design ideas, materials, and even trending colors. Interestingly, a brand new trend in kitchen renovations might surprise some, and is equally appealing to both men and women. Black Kitchens are the hot new thing.

Black Makes a Bold Statement

Most of the recent direction in kitchen design has involved the use of soothing neutrals, such as white, grey, and natural woods. However, black is beginning to replace these kitchen go-to colors in homes across America, including trending on social media sites, such as Pinterest and Houzz, where many homeowners go to begin researching ideas. A common thought here is that these homeowners are looking for something unique and different…unlike the kitchens in all of their friends or neighbors’ homes.

Designers say that black can create a bold statement, bringing a stunning look to one of the most-used rooms in the home. And that’s not to say “black is black.” There are many ways to create subtleties in hue by adding brown, purple, red or grey to the color, creating beautifully rich and bold hues that can add intensity, depth, and even romance to your kitchen.

Won’t Black Make My Kitchen Feel Like a Cave?

The beauty of this trend towards using black in your kitchen is that you can incorporate as much or as little as you want, and still have striking results. If you are seeking an intense and bold look, you might consider black cabinets, complimenting them with white, grey or even colored countertops. Another bold look could be a black horizontal surfaces, such as tile floors or countertops, with a lighter colored cabinetry.

If those ideas seem a bit out of your comfort zone, consider smaller, but also striking black accessories to sharpen the look of your kitchen, such as black cabinetry or countertops only on an island, a black and white tile backsplash, or adding black appliances. Even subtler ways to incorporate black are with drawer and cabinet pulls, or countertop appliances such as mixers, toasters, coffee makers, etc. A wonderful added benefit to adding the balancing combination of black and lighter neutrals is that you can add accentuated pops of your favorite colors with tremendous effect. Just imagine a gorgeous black, grey and white kitchen with bright red hand towels and a basket of apples…or bright lemons and limes in a hanging basket…so many possibilities!

We invite you to use the help of a Design/Build contractor to help you think outside of the box and incorporate the bold beauty of black into your kitchen. Thinking about remodeling the kitchen in your Monterey home? Bakker Construction specializes in home and kitchen remodeling. Call us today at 831-998-7113.