• On April 28, 2014 ·

buildertrendThe Importance of Technology

To make it in construction, one needs to maintain an innovative mind-set. For establishing and maintaining profitable brands in this industry, contemporary ideas are key. Bakker Construction recognizes the importance of technology in meeting customer expectations. Instead of clinging blindly to old-fashioned methods, this company is on the forefront of positive evolution. Avoiding a cookie-cutter approach, Bakker Construction reviews each project carefully to make cogent choices. Since there are many ways to build or remodel, technology is crucial for fine-tuning each project in a conscious way.

Whether building new structures or remodeling, Bakker Construction uses a cutting-edge management approach. Each project is overseen by a single individual to concentrate responsibility and maintain focus. With one person taking lead, it is far easier to understand and address client needs. Critically, Bakker’s project leads use modern devices to great effect. With contemporary technology, managers can constantly monitor and communicate information about scheduling, budgets and operational details. Clients stay informed at every step of the process, enjoying two-way communication and real inclusion in decision-making.

The BuilderTREND Cloud-based System

All of these advantages are made possible with BuilderTREND, a cloud-based platform for collecting and communicating project status details. BuilderTREND has built a lot of good will in this industry and the software seems to only improve with the passage of time. This crucial, disruptive platform transforms construction management with a variety of streamlined tools. Based in the online cloud, the system is secure, transparent and powerful. With software like this, it is possible for Bakker Construction to minimize distractions and focus on key deliverables.

Today, BuilderTREND is on the cutting-edge of project management software. Compared to this dynamic new platform, older applications have rapidly lost their sheen. By putting together a team of world-class developers, BuilderTREND has ensured that its solutions should remain relevant in the years to come. Utilizing BuilderTREND solutions, Bakker Construction is exceeding client expectations with steady regularity. With this system, contractors can stay in immediate, reliable communication with home buyers, subcontractors and tradesmen. BuilderTREND allows project managers to identify problems quickly and act with confident autonomy.

Whether the project in question is a remodel or a new construction, customer needs are best met when contractors have technological fluency. Utilizing BuilderTREND and other fresh technologies, Bakker Construction associates demonstrate expertise that is well above average. Like all companies that embrace technology, it is likely that Bakker Construction will continue to implement new breakthroughs with rapid-fire assurance.

Modern Skills with Old Fashion Qualities

In this post, we’ve gone over just a few of the ways that a construction company can use technology for a competitive edge. Technological fluency is only one part of the program that has made Bakker Construction a recognized name. Besides modern skills, this company demonstrates the old-fashioned qualities that are still critical for success in business. These include integrity, honesty and willingness to take responsibility. While confident in their abilities, the professionals as Bakker Construction show personable humility in client dealings. In this as in any industry, leading companies can allow pride and self-satisfaction to get in the way of honest communication. By putting aside pride and focusing on the needs of the homeowner, it is possible to take the sting out of complex remodeling.

This is a technical field and contractors can become preoccupied by the needs of the home or structure. At Bakker Construction, homeowner concerns are always paramount. If the past is any guide, this company is capable of satisfying the most demanding homeowners. With high-technology tools and old-fashioned intelligence, Bakker Construction turns every project into a collaborative design. In addition, the company is known for its ability to meet exacting requirements without exceeding budget. Not every company can deliver this assurance and applied technology in one of the big factors in the Bakker Construction story.