• On April 5, 2016 ·

If you are one of the many who have come to love the Monterey Peninsula as a frequent tourist, and are now considering taking the plunge and buying a home in the area, you are not alone. Many visitors from San Francisco, Silicon Valley, or even Los Angeles or the Central Valley come to love the scenic beaches and moderate weather this area has to offer. If you have made the decision to spend time here on a regular basis, and are looking for or have recently purchased a second home in the area, chances are it is in need of renovation to suit your needs. Unfortunately, it feels very daunting to consider taking on a large renovation project, when you are only able to visit occasionally. Is there an effective, efficient way to be involved in your project from afar?

Step One: Find a Licensed Contractor You Can Trust

The most important step in this process is to find a licensed contractor that you trust…which can be a challenge itself when you don’t live in this area. When it comes to finding someone, word of mouth referrals give you honest information from experienced sources. Ask your new or potential neighbors if they have hired a contractor in the past who they would recommend. Find out if they had a good experience first, but especially ask if they were able to oversee the project well from out of town. You might also look in local publications, or get a trusted referral from your real estate agent. But, is having a name enough? What is the key to making the contractor-client relationship work long-distance?

The Key: A Contractor Who Uses Cloud-Based Project Management Software

For any homeowner desiring to be deeply involved in the renovation of their second home, while they live in another area, it is essential to find a contractor who uses a cloud-based project management software, such as BuilderTrend. What this technology does is give homeowners 24/7 access to their renovation, with everything from project and jobsite status, financial reporting, all legal and architectural documents, and daily progress photos at the touch of a button. You will have the peace of mind of knowing there is a single source for all of the information you need…truly a “concierge” level of service, managing the details so you don’t have to worry over them.

You also will feel like you are actually on-location, with the ability to interact with your Project Manager, sending messages back and forth from any smart device, and at-a-glance see what is on the job calendar for a given day, which subcontractors will be on-site, and progress being made through daily updated photos. You also have the ability to see a financial breakdown of contract or budget price to actual on a daily basis. Another appealing feature is the ability to share design ideas with your contractor, by sharing from Pinterest or Houzz, directly into the cloud. It also gives your contractor a place to send you messages or give you a task to complete, such as selecting a paint color or appliance selection…all done in one secure place.

We invite you to use the help of a Design/Build contractor who utilizes a cloud-based project management system to facilitate an out-of-town renovation. Thinking about renovating your second home on the Monterey Peninsula? Call Bakker Construction today, your local Design/Build specialist who offers you the technology to effectively manage your renovation from afar, at 831-998-7113.