• On February 16, 2017 ·

Project Start Date: 9/1/2016
Project Completed: 11/15/2016 (approx.)

 The story of this residence serves as a reminder to have your home inspected periodically to maintain its optimum health.

This home was a beloved getaway for our clients, and they loved every aspect of it. Unfortunately, and as a result of a previous remodel, a fitting for an unused pressurized water line had been buried behind a cabinet and began to leak. The leak was very small, but over the course of several years, it became a critical situation.

This leak finally came to the owner’s attention when the framing became so saturated in some places that it could no longer hold any water. That water began to seep into the drywall, which swelled and bubbled. Once they realized they had a problem, they knew they needed to do major work to fix it. The challenge was that they wanted to repair their house completely and, at the same time, protect its personality that had made it their home.

The severity of their problem only became evident as the home was dismantled. The water from the leak had pooled in the framing and seeped into the floors, and the grout in the tile began to crumble and fail.

As a design-build contractor, Bakker Construction typically builds into reality what has only previously existed in a client’s head and heart. However, in this case, our job was to go into their home, take it apart, fix the issues, and put it back together exactly as we had found it. Our client did not want a new home, they just wanted the home they loved to be healthy.

As always Bakker Construction was up for the challenge. For instance, the tile and the countertops were cherished details for our clients and needed to be saved. So Bakker created temporary framing for the countertops to support them, while the cabinets were removed from underneath them, and the floors, wall framing, and cabinets were repaired. In about 10 weeks, we had removed and replaced the damaged parts of the house, returning the home to its original state.

Our clients were extraordinarily grateful that their requests were heard and answered, and they were delighted with the result of the project. Take a look at some of the before and after shots.

You can protect yourself from monumental repair projects such as these through simple periodic home maintenance and inspections. Seasonal leak testing using infrared camera or moisture sensors can provide a powerful defense against the damage of a slow leak.

At Bakker we are proud to take on challenging jobs, especially ones that demonstrate the breadth of our capabilities. We recognize our clients for placing their trust in us, and we honor that trust providing the service and quality that we would want our own families and homes to receive.