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The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for working with the Production Manager and is in charge of and responsible for all materials, labor, subcontractors, and equipment needed to complete assigned projects. This position requires problem solving, communication and management skills to perform all carpentry labor and delegation of work in a professional manner. The Project Manager is responsible for selected aspects of the project on site, from start to completion, including planning and scheduling, assigning work, general supervision, and quality control. The Project Manager is also responsible for the security and welfare of the clients’ property on the jobsite. Both the quality of work, and the appearance of the site, reflect strongly on the Project Manager and the company.


  • 10 Years of Experience in the field, including 5 years of field supervision
  • Extensive rough and finish carpentry skills
  • Must be familiar with building codes, materials, and residential building techniques.
  • Read, interpret and review construction plans and job costs
  • Experience in managing other people and delegating responsibilities
  • Excellent time management/prioritization skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Well-organized
  • Experience in working within time and money budgets and being accountable to staying within budgets
  • Uphold all in-house agreements.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and productive work relationships with other employees, clients, trade contractors, suppliers, inspectors, and others.
  • Demonstrate open, honest, timely and clear communication.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm about work.
  • Show willingness to learn new skills, accept feedback and implement suggestions.
  • Provide encouragement, recognition, constructive feedback and coaching to all team members.


  • Participate in the following: pre-construction planning, walk-throughs and jobsite inspections, local Building Department inspections, and final (end of project) inspections with the client(s).
  • Read and interpret paperwork, including all plans and specifications, purchase orders, subcontractor work orders, and change orders.
  • Bring questions, discrepancies, and unusual conditions to the attention of the Production Manager.
  • Understand the scope of the work and discuss all requests for additional work or unforeseen conditions with the Production Manager and Client.
  • Maintain an organized Job Binder that will include a complete set of plans, specifications, construction documents, engineering reports (if any), and job communications (memos, etc.). A job binder will be provided for this purpose.
  • Participate in production meetings.
  • Complete 3 Week Look Aheads on a weekly basis, for job specific work completion.
  • Purchase and order all carpentry materials, so readily available. Plan for timely delivery and use the vendor’s delivery services when available.
  • Complete material take-offs for special order carpentry items and provide to Production Manager. (i.e.- doors, windows, specialty millwork…)
  • Work with Production Manager on what specialty items are needed and dates when needed so Production Manager can order.
  • Work with Production Manager on overall job calendar for tradesman and needed man power.
  • Manage and Schedule Tradesman (Sub-Contractors)
  • Write Change Orders under $500
  • Check in daily with the client and Production Manager to maintain contact and to answer questions that may arise.
  • Assure regular and open communication from Field to Office.
  • Complete responsible phases of project on time, on budget and exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • Supervise other production staff regarding layout, quality control, and other project details, and provide guidance in problem solving.


  • The daily schedule on job sites is from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays. (See employee manual for detailed hours and other schedule related information).
  • The position is anticipated to be a 40 hour per week commitment.


  • This job requires lifting up to 100 pounds, climbing ladders, working on roofs, operating power and hand tools, and driving a truck.
  • Bags on 20%-30% of the time


  • Project tasks are carried out accurately and within budget.
  • There is a clear understanding of the relationships across all activities.
  • All necessary steps are taken to prevent problems and address problems immediately.
  • Scheduling is done efficiently, so that all involved parties perform in a timely and proper manner.
  • Assigned tasks are completed in a timely manner, or needed changes are communicated ahead of time.
  • Conflicts are resolved in a manner that is a win/ win for all parties.
  • Information is communicated, whether written or oral, in a timely manner, to all parties in need of the information.
  • Work is performed in a manner that is safe for himself/herself, others and the work environment, whether field, office or vehicle.

Job Type: Full-time


To apply, send your resume to bakker@bakkerconstruction.com or apply through our Indeed listing.