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The Production Manager has overall responsibility for completing projects on time and within or below budget. In general, the Production Manager manages the people and the systems of production, this position requires problem solving, communication and management skills. The Production Manager provides supervision to all production crews, with the responsibility of ensuring that lead carpenters are running projects on time and on budget to Bakker Construction standards, and that all clients, trade contractors, employees and owners feel satisfied and successful.


  • 10 Years of Experience in the field, including 5 years of field supervision
  • Extensive rough and finish carpentry skills
  • Must be familiar with building codes, materials, and residential building techniques.
  • Read, interpret and review construction plans and job costs
  • Experience in managing other people and delegating responsibilities
  • Excellent time management/prioritization skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Well-organized
  • Experience in working within time and money budgets and being accountable to staying within budgets
  • Uphold all in-house agreements.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and productive work relationships with other employees, clients, trade contractors, suppliers, inspectors, and others.
  • Demonstrate open, honest, timely and clear communication.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm about work.
  • Show willingness to learn new skills, accept feedback and implement suggestions.
  • Provide encouragement, recognition, constructive feedback and coaching to all team members.


  • Provide big picture overview of all systems and processes.
  • Provide management of all active projects, clients and work performed.
  • To produce all projects within +-2% of projected Gross Profit.
  • Create and maintain overall job calendars in conjunction with development team.
  • Accurately review man-hours, materials and subcontractors.
  • Support Development as needed with pre-sale site inspections and trade walk through.
  • Oversee daily project documentation, including Calendar, Tasks, Pictures and Documents.
  • Support carpenters through pre-job planning.
  • Ensures that each job site is visited daily by a company representative to monitor job progress, quality, safety, cleanliness and site security.
  • Maintain 3 week look ahead for manpower distribution and new job start schedule
  • Maintain appropriate manpower/staffing levels as needed.
  • Responsible for all materials, labor, subcontractors, and equipment.
  • Planning and scheduling, assigning work, general supervision, and quality control.
  • Coordinate Scheduling and Communication with trades.
  • Track performance of the production team and ensure that individuals know and reach agreed-upon targets.
  • Forecasting challenges in construction projects.
  • Conducts regular project review meetings with customers.
  • Responsible for punch list and job completion.


1. Check potential and sold job sites, as requested by sales department.

2. In conjunction with sales department, confirm each project’s itemized budget to determine whether the job can be done to the company’s established quality level at the specified price, and performed to a satisfactory conclusion at the specified profit. The job book prepared by sales is the basis for this information.

  • Go over job book and plans with carpenter before work starts.
  • Go over job book and plans with sales and carpenter in the office PTB before work starts.
  • Place special orders prior to job start as needed.
  • Produce a list of items in the job book and plans that are not yet resolved.
  • Get that information back to the Sales department.

3. Prior to the start of work, meet with salesperson and client(s) in a pre-construction conference to discuss details and decisions made by the client(s).

4. Verify with sales that building permit has been obtained.

5. Review material lists.

6. Review and finalize trade scopes.

7. Confirm start date and review initial project schedule with sales department input.

  • Maintain all project and staffing schedules (the big picture) and work with all departments in effectively preparing and producing all projects.


1. Maintain clear communication between client and production staff throughout job by weekly meetings (if job size is appropriate), regular phone contact, or written communications.

2. Visit job sites as needed, at least once a week (twice is best), to verify layout and to check work before the next phase is implemented (using checklists), to review progress, be another set of eyes for the lead carpenter, monitor safety and securing habits, gauge client’s temperature, and check out job site management, including cleanliness and job site sign.

3. Ensure that Bakker Construction safety standards are being followed on all job sites.

  • Read and understand Bakker Construction safety standards.
  • While on job sites inspect for compliance. If items are not in compliance have corrected immediately.
  • Schedule quarterly safety inspections by assigned Safety Officer.

4. Interact with building officials, architects, engineers, and clients as needed to resolve issues.

  • Be back up person to carpenters for after hours emergencies.
  • Review appropriate job costing, progress, task lists, 3 week look aheads and schedules weekly.
  • Provide feedback to field crew to acknowledge good performance and identify areas for improvement.

5. As each phase of project nears completion, create a completion list with carpenter. Ensure that this work is done in a timely manner so that few, if any, items appear on the client’s completion list.

6. With carpenter and client, meet to prepare a quality control pre-completion list. This work is to be performed immediately so job can be completely closed out.

7. Inspect all jobs when complete and confirm with client that the work is done.

*NOTE: Adhere to Bakker Construction standard of workmanship to ensure that we complete projects on time and within budget. Manage client relationship to ensure client does not set standard of workmanship.


  • We work with customers from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays.
  • The position is anticipated to be a 40 + hour per week commitment.


  • Maintaining physical conditioning, at least on a weekly basis, is important to preventing injuries. Protecting the back from injury is particularly important.
  • The Production Manager spends 30% of their time in the office.

Job Type: Full-time


To apply, send your resume to bakker@bakkerconstruction.com or apply through our Indeed posting.