• On January 3, 2018 ·

What is a “Mood Board” and Why Should I Use One for My Remodel?


To jump right in, a mood board (sometimes called an inspiration board) is a visual compilation of inspirational elements used by designers to flesh out ideas at the very beginning of a design project.  Anyone outside of the design industry may roll their eyes at the mention of a mood board- but mood boards are extremely vital for establishing the aesthetic feel of a future product of production.

Mood boards consists of all the parts of an idea a designer has in mind. This is a fun way to start any project by compiling “stuff” on a designer’s mood board hardly feels like work! This loose design format allows you to explore assorted styles and layouts without any limitations. This includes color palates; all the various combinations you plan to use. This also includes materials; samples that will show the quality and impact of the products. Most importantly, the mood board features the concepts. This includes a collection of pictures that show the basic idea of what a designer plans to accomplish in the project.

As a result of using mood boards:  you can actually have complete confidence in the design. 

Say you’re a designer and you complete this beautiful rendering of a home that you put your whole heart and soul into… then the client says they don’t like it.  What??  You put in hours upon hours of labor only for your work to be unappreciated and torn apart.  Where did you go wrong?  To put it simply, you as the designer didn’t give the client a chance in the beginning of the process to give you input about their wants and needs.  Were they looking for rustic or modern?  Polished chrome or oil rubbed bronze?  Carpet or hardwood?  Mood boards are intentionally casual to inspire and create a feedback process to avoid too much invested time in the wrong direction.

A mood board can get you out of that creative rut and back to what you love- designing.  Gather the inspiration you need and ensure satisfaction for the next project at hand.  Really, they are great for any project with a design component, and can save both time and money on the project overall.  Enjoy the process!