• On December 20, 2015 ·

Remodel your home 2016Another Holiday season has come to a close, and we hope you were able to take pause and truly enjoy the peace and joy of Christmas, with all of its special traditions and gatherings. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, with our focus shifted to others and the joy of giving, and spending special time with those we love. There is an interesting dynamic that may also come into play this time of year. As our homes fill with guests, whether for Holiday parties, or extended stays, it seems to place a microscope upon the things in our homes we want to change, creating unfortunate stress during what should be a special, joyful time.

Resolution Time…

After the glow of Christmas fades, there is an immediate draw to the coming New Year…and many of us spend time contemplating a fresh new year and the possibilities of setting goals and resolutions. We might think back on the past year, and areas we wish to improve upon this year. Unfortunately, after a few days or weeks in January, returning to “normal life” and habits causes many of us to give up on our goals and resolutions before we’ve had time to take action on them. We are here to encourage you to not to let that happen in 2016!

Dissatisfied With Your Home?

Many people become painfully aware of areas in their home they wish they could change when they find themselves under the scrutiny (even if only perceived) of visiting guest. Perhaps you feel the need to update your guest bathroom for your company to use, instead of cringing as they enter it and see your outdated tile and fixtures, and that toilet that won’t stop running. Or maybe, you dream of a larger, more open kitchen to be able to host Christmas dinner in your home with ease, utilizing double ovens, lots of countertops, a prep sink, and a formal dining room, instead of your cramped, crowded kitchen with no counter space and card tables in the family room. It could be that a grown child is home from college for a few weeks of break, reminding you that his childhood bedroom or bathroom could use a modern upgrade. These are a few examples among many possibilities, and these feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration with your home will likely fade again after a few weeks have passed. That is, until next fall when you realize the Holidays are approaching, and you are overwhelmed again with the stress of entertaining or hosting in the same aggravating space.

Act Now on Your Resolution to Remodel

The worst way to spoil the joy of the Holidays is with unneeded stress. We encourage you to avoid experiencing these feelings in the coming year, by acting on your New Year’s Resolution, and getting your remodeling project started now…while the concerns are fresh in your mind.


We invite you to use the help of a Design/Build contractor to help you work with your home, think through the frustrations you have, and lead you to solutions that bring you comfort and joy in your space…and have you excited for the next time a guest comes to visit or a party is planned. Thinking about remodeling your Monterey home in 2016? Bakker Construction specializes in full home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Call us today at 831-998-7113.