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One of the biggest misconceptions of home renovation is that the fall and winter months are time off. While it is true that most projects are better to complete during spring and summer, home renovation is a process. The planning phase of home renovation is one of the most crucial phases, yet it is commonly put on the back burner. Don’t let spring sneak up on you unprepared. Begin planning your next renovation now.

Design & Plan Your Next Project Now

At Bakker Construction, we are available all fall and winter long for consultation to help you design and plan your next home improvement. If you want to get your project done early in the spring, you need to take the time now to prepare. Rash planning often leads to problems mid-project. These problems cost time and money. To make sure that your design is what you really want, begin thinking about your next renovation today. Evaluate your plan frequently. Beginning early also gives us more time to offer suggestions to help you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Winter is a great time to plan kitchen and bathroom remodels. Not only will you have plenty of time to pick out precisely what you want, but you will also have an easier time thinking of what you want to change. The holidays require people to spend more time in the kitchen than they usually do, and this tends to remind people of every shortcoming in that room. Instead of getting frustrated year after year, take note of what features need improvement. When springtime comes, you’ll have a solid plan to help you finally get an efficient, comfortable kitchen that you want to use. While you’re at it, sketch out your dream bathroom as well. Winter is the best time to make a home renovations wish list because you’ll spend more time indoors. Let the home of your wintry dreams be the home we help you create in the spring.

To get the most out of this spring’s renovations, begin early. Contact us to receive immediate help designing, planning, and preparing for your next big project. You just might have your renovations finished before your neighbors even manage to start.

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