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San Jose Home RenovationWith a struggling economy, a home renovation may seem extravagant. However, seeing the impact of a renovation up close, it is pretty obvious that the benefits are definitely worth the cost.

For those who may not be convinced, just consider this recent renovation in San Jose, CA. This high quality remodel went beyond cosmetic changes and completely renovated all the bathrooms and replaced the electrical and plumbing systems. The kitchen was relocated, and the entire interior of the home was revamped for the maximum impact.

This dramatic change added instant value to the home. With the housing market being so soft, it is more important than ever to make a home as appealing as possible. Everyone knows that improving bathrooms and kitchens is a win with buyers, but updating electrical and plumbing systems can go a long way as well. More than that, by changing the overall layout of the house, the entire ambiance of the home is improved, appealing to a whole new range of buyers.

San Jose Bathroom Renovation

The impact does not stop there. A renovated home will spur a positive change in the neighborhood as well. Home prices are affected by the other homes on the street. A neighborhood with updated homes is going to appeal to buyers, giving each home better equity. With these changes, this San Jose home has given new life to its neighborhood, an impact that will be felt for years.

Renovations are not just about the bottom line. The real value of a renovation is in the impact for the homeowner. Updating and improving a home can make a home more comfortable, functional and appealing. A home is meant to be a refuge, a place to get away from the daily stresses of the real world. Having a home that is perfectly tailored to one’s preferences will dramatically improve the quality of life inside the home.

Adding value to a home is important in today’s market. Making an impact on the neighborhood will have real dividends. However, the real value of any renovation is in the satisfaction of the homeowners in the years to come.


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