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Employee Profile

At Bakker Construction, we are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve, striving to be a different kind of construction company, one that centers on building relationships, open lines of communication, and an innovative, client-centered approach to new construction, remodeling and renovations.  Rarely do people look at their upcoming renovation and say what a fantastic experience it is going to be. They may appreciate the end-result, but look back on it as a negative experience they dread living through again.  Our goal is different:  to focus on the needs of the family while living through this challenging process of renovation.  This is indeed a process, and while it isn’t always sunshine and roses, it is a journey that can, and should, be enjoyed.

We believe that focusing our attention on the homeowner instead of just the home is the best way to provide high quality Design-Build service.  We also strongly believe that our ability to provide clients with the best possible renovation experience is a direct reflection of having built a solid organization from within.  In the last year, this led us to develop a new position on our team, a Production Coordinator.  This unique position is the direct link between homeowners and the Bakker Construction team as a whole, and requires strong communication, job coordination, and organization skills.  We’d like to take a few minutes and introduce you to this new member of our team, our Production Coordinator, Devon Talavera, who joined our team in January of 2016.



Devon Talavera, Production Coordinator

Q&A with Devon Talavera

Devon has lived in Monterey County for the last ten years, and is the mother of two awesome kids.  We recently sat down and interviewed her, to help clients and potential clients get to know this dynamic and driven member of our team:

Devon, we’d like to share a little bit about you and your personality…can you share some unique facts about yourself?

“My passion is living a life of positive impact, but I also really like fast cars.  😉  I would like to take my kids to Mexico and the British Isles as a dream vacation.  My pet peeve would be selfishness or willful ignorance.  And a fun fact about me is that I made a cappuccino for Nicholas Cage once.”

Can you please tell us about the work/life experience you feel helped prepare you for this job?

“Being a stay-at-home parent is probably what served me the most in preparation for this career path. There are so many of the same challenges echoed in the coordination of managing multiple schedules and deadlines, gently guiding strong personalities, and maintaining my sanity while I am refereeing conflict and soothing people’s frustrations and concerns.”

Describe a typical day in your work-life…

“I try to always start my day in the office, but there is not a lot of typical in this business. One day will be client meetings and jobsite walkthroughs, and the next will be hours of answering emails and scouring the internet to find the perfect automated dog door for a client’s beloved four-legged friend.”

What do you find most rewarding about the work you do?

“I have a deep appreciation for puzzles, and every construction project is a different kind of puzzle. I love being a part of the solution to a client’s problem, whether that problem is that someone drove a car into the side of their house or they just need to update their cliff-side home.”

What do you enjoy about being a part of this team?

“The Bakker Construction team is a pretty tight unit. It is an immense challenge to maintain a high level of respect and understanding between the office and the field, but I think we do a pretty good job. It starts by hiring the best people we can find. We take the time to include the entire staff in regular company staff meetings to ensure everyone is aware and involved in our process. Questions and suggestions from the field are encouraged, and by opening ourselves up we have been enriched as a company and a team.”

How would you describe the culture/atmosphere/environment of Bakker Construction for you as an employee?

“The working environment of Bakker Construction is one of supported independence. The staff are trusted to do our jobs to the best of our ability, and we are rewarded by being allowed the space to perform. At the same time help is always available, and we do our best to support each other.”

Many probably view you as having a unique role, as a woman, on the leadership team of a construction company.  What is your perspective of the value you bring to the table as a woman in this role?

“As a woman in a job who occupies a seat that has been traditionally held by men, I feel that I am under constant scrutiny. While that is challenging, it is also beneficial. I hold myself to a very high standard, knowing that my actions are judged constantly. In turn, I hold everyone I work with up to a very high standard.”

Do you have a favorite story/experience/interaction thus far in relation to a job or particular client?

“Shortly after I signed back on with Bakker Construction in January, I received a message from Shawn that a previous client was experiencing an issue with accessing an appliance for repair. This happened to be a home I worked on as a totally inexperienced laborer two years prior. I was already on the road and able to pay a visit to the client and diagnose the problem immediately. It was in that moment that the previous two years of training and preparation was held up to my eyes to show me how much I had learned. It was also a moment that showed me how I can be a source of comfort and relief to clients. To be able to practice in a profession that I love and be of service to others at the same time is a true gift.”

In your opinion, what sets Bakker Construction apart from our competition?

“What sets Bakker Construction apart is an honest desire to be different. We are a construction company that strives to achieve stellar customer service at every interaction and still deliver excellence in the finished product. It is an intense juggling act, and it requires a lot of resources. In the end, we are all enriched by the effort.”

In closing, we also asked Shawn Bakker, Owner of Bakker Construction, to share his insight on the value Devon brings to the team:

“We met Devon as a volunteer at the Tatum’s Garden Playground build.  Devon was one of only a handful who wanted to volunteer for every task, every minute of every day.  She never missed a build day.  Shortly after that build, she came to work with us as a Carpenter.  Her path took her to be a Union Carpenter in order to further advance her skills.   When I had the chance to bring Devon back on the team in a Management position, I knew it was something that I could not miss the opportunity on.  I actually talked her out of another job she had just accepted, and nearly begged her to join us again.  Having her insight and skill brings tremendous joy and comfort to our team, and I love that she leads from a place as a Woman who knows the industry, but protects our staff and our clients with the instinct that only a Mother could.”

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