• On May 5, 2016 ·

If you have made the decision to pursue a home renovation, one of the first items on your To-Do List is finding the right General Contractor to bring your dreams to reality. Every home renovation, regardless of its size, needs to be carefully plotted out so that it suits your needs and can be completed without forcing you to deal with unexpected expenses and other related issues. A Design-Build Contractor brings a unique and refreshing approach to the industry, streamlining the process and eliminating many of the unknowns. The most common sources of a solid referral will be from someone you know who has recently remodeled, a trusted realtor, or even your local Chamber of Commerce. But how do you know if you’ve found the right Design-Build Contractor? Here are four key steps that a Design-Build Contractor will lead you through, to ensure that you will receive exactly what you are looking for. If these line up with your experience, then you’re off to a great start.

Step 1: Match Your Dream to Your Budget

If you have ever had the dream of owning a specific car only to learn that it is outside of your price range, you have a firm understanding of how heartbreaking it can be to become attached to a specific idea that cannot come to fruition. It is also essential to begin a home renovation project with an open conversation about your vision, budget and the exact purpose of the work that will be conducted. By doing this, your contractor can give you an honest assessment of whether or not your plan is feasible from a construction and budgetary standpoint. Additionally, you will be provided with any necessary suggestions to bring the project in line with your budget. It is better for everyone involved to talk through these issues openly in the beginning, as opposed to when a large and unexpected change order spoils the fun halfway through the project. In this phase, it is also important to feel out personality types, and make sure you and your contractor are a good fit for one another. A renovation can be an exciting, yet at times stressful, process, and it is incredibly important to work with someone you trust.

Step 2: Fleshing Out All of the Details

Once your initial plan is in place, a Design-Build Contractor will develop the complete project plan, ideally with a Designer in-house. Your contractor will then reach out to his extensive network of trusted tradesmen, once you have determined your desired budget and the preliminary scope of the project. During this step, you and your contractor will be able to create a finalized design. This will enable him to provide you with a proposal that you can feel complete confidence in. In other words, you will be able to rely on the budget and scope of work that is locked in at this time, because you have been involved in the process from the beginning, and everything is discussed and planned for up front.

Step 3: Finalizing the Specifics

A true Design-Build Contractor will have the motto of “ready, aim, fire,” and this sets them apart from many other construction companies that rush into each project without having all of the specific details ironed out. Instead, together, you will dig into all of the specifics during this step so that you will not need to worry about having anything unexpected sprung on you after your remodeling project has begun. The goal here is to eliminate change orders, what-ifs, and budget overruns. By the time step three has been completed, all of the essential components will be in place such as fleshed-out budgets, construction schedules and timelines, all drawings, engineering, design, and permits.

Step 4: Bringing Your Dream to Life

Taking the time to appropriately analyze every aspect of the project in advance will make it easy for you and your contractor to move forward with an efficient and budget-friendly project. Although no one can guarantee a 100-percent snag-free experience, you are taking all of the necessary proactive steps to minimize the possibility of dealing with issues during the construction process. This is truly what sets the experienced Design-Build Contractor apart from his competition—having a very detailed plan in place before ever swinging a hammer—helping ensure you are planning for success from the very beginning.

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