• On October 30, 2017 ·

The concept of Design/Build is becoming increasingly popular because it dramatically simplifies the construction and remodeling process for the client. Traditionally, a designer agrees to protect your vision, and a contractor agrees to protect your budget. Design/Build breaks that mold by bringing the two sides together to work cohesively to protect your whole investment. Instead of bearing the load of communication and oversight between the two fraternal arms of the construction family, a client is offered the opportunity to experience the process as an empowered spectator.


As a Design/Build firm, Bakker Construction engages projects at conception and carries them through their development to completion. We embrace our role as the ultimate end-point of accountability which reduces risk for our clients in budgeting, scheduling, and regulatory compliance. We utilize two contract phases to delineate between the design phase and the construction phase to avoid overlap that can create an atmosphere of urgency and missed details. 


We first enter a Design and Development phase in which we explore your vision and your opportunity. Your vision is the place of your dreams, that wild and untethered fantasy home that you carry in your heart. Your opportunity is the place under your feet and the reasonable budget that allows us to rein in those wild horses of your imagination. By beginning our relationship with both at your sides, you are protected from a cascading over-extension of available funds by identifying the most significant pieces from your vision and finding their fit within your opportunity. By researching your property and local regulations, we can prevent design from growing past specific prohibitions or into exorbitant regulatory requirements that cause catastrophic cost overruns. In doing these things together, we keep design and budget happily in concert throughout the project and remove the harrowing process of cutting back an out-of-control design.


The result of a successful Design and Development phase is a solid budget and project schedule. From there we segue into the Construction phase where the initial planning and record of communication allow us to navigate smoothly through any issues that arise. We have had the experience of the design and development process making our production timelines and budgets far more accurate, and clients have found piece of mind in a greater understanding of the expected outcome of their project.


If your vision is whispering in your ear, let us introduce you to your opportunity.