Making Your Home Fit You

In the past, people typically moved from home to home as their needs changed. However, in the modern era the trend is to stay in the home you already love, but make it fit your changing life. If moving is in the cards, it is more common that you have found the perfect location but not the perfect home and now it is time to make this new house YOUR home.

Remodeling for a Growing Family

Building-for-whats-nextMany young couples are not ready to start a family when they get married, but buying a home allows them to build equity instead of wasting money on rent. Due to this, the majority of these couples find themselves needing more space and a safer environment when they make the decision to have kids.

We have assisted several clients with the process of adding on an additional bedroom, bathroom and playroom so that their family can grow comfortably. Each of these rooms are designed with child safety in mind, so you do not need to worry about sharp corners, splinters and other potentially serious issues such as paint that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, every electrical outlet will be fitted with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Building a Forever Home

building a forever homePreparing your home for retirement can be a very exciting project. After all, it will be necessary for you to create a living environment that will make it easier for you to enjoy all of your extra free time. For example, it is common for retirees to enhance their home with amenities and features that better fit the lifestyle they want to live. Spaces like a dining room, a den or expanded living room lend themselves to large family get-togethers and entertaining friends.  Or, maybe it is creating a spa-like master bath or a gourmet kitchen that you have always dreamt of.

It is also vital to consider your personal interests when you are ready to make the transition to retired life. Therefore, those who enjoy artistic endeavors often remodel a spare room to provide themselves with a better view of the outdoors, and individuals who like working with their hands can add a workshop to their existing home.

Ultimately, whether you choose to get the most out of your current house or make the new house your home, by utilizing Bakker Construction to complete a remodel that fits your current needs you will be prepared for what’s next.