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Bakker Home RenovationIf you’re considering a major home project such as a remodel or room addition, there are several different things to consider. Most people do not complete major renovations very often, and planning before you start is crucial. The last thing you want to do is start a project and realize you haven’t considered all aspects, including cost, permits, and other questions. Before you get started, make sure you have thought about the following.

First, every major home project involves different costs. The time to learn about these costs and any potential overruns is before you start. Once you’ve knocked down a wall, for example, you’re committed to finishing. Potential costs include design, permits, site preparation, plumbing, foundation work, electrical, and heating/cooling. Any of these areas may incur both labor and materials charges, so make sure these are clearly identified. Materials may include sheet rock, shingles, flooring, siding, windows, appliances, lighting fixtures, and more, depending on the project.

Most people find that a home addition or remodel costs more than they planned. With this type of project, it is extremely important to determine your budget in advance and stick to it, or you can spend thousands more than you expected.

In addition to costs, there are other considerations, including finding the right contractor. You want to hire a qualified contractor who will facilitate completing your project. When choosing your contractor, check their insurance and licenses, experience, and cost. Check references to make sure previous clients have not experienced problems. A disreputable contractor can abandon you in the middle of a project or hire inferior subcontractors. A good contractor will coordinate all the moving parts of the project, making sure the project proceeds smoothly.

When planning your project, carefully plan the amount of storage and floor space you’ll need. Take this opportunity to consider the best use of the room. If you don’t allow enough storage or floor space, you won’t be happy with the results, and it’s easier to plan ahead than fix later.

Finally, don’t forget the necessary permits. Different permits are required depending on where you live and the scope of the project. If you complete a home remodel or addition without the proper permits, you can be subject to a fine, and it could cause problems if you sell the house later. A good contractor can help with this, but make sure the permits are obtained.

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