• On June 1, 2017 ·

At Bakker Construction we have a motto that guides all of our client interactions. “Treat the client’s home like it is your own”.

From craftsmanship to safety, keeping your home as pristine as possible throughout the process is part of our DNA at Bakker Construction. Additionally, we take action after the job is finished, thoroughly cleaning the job site (your home!) upon completion, and following up in the months after work is complete to ensure you are still pleased with the final product.

Unfortunately there is a history of contractor carelessness that often manifests itself in a messy job site. This can be a big warning sign of other issues to come. Bakker Construction sees this carelessness as disrespectful to the homeowner. Furthermore, it can be a hazardous to a client who is living in their home during the remodel, and to our workers. A messy job site also negatively affects worker efficiency. In short, a clean job site leaves a happy homeowner, a safe worksite, and keeps costs lower.

It only takes a quick Google search to find remodeling advice; a typical blog states “expect messes, then work to minimize them”. At Bakker Construction we take a novel approach; the client can expect a clean home every day, and can relax knowing this will be the case.

Our clients open their homes to us, so that we can come in and improve them. We understand it is our duty to treat our clients, and their homes, with the utmost care. To ensure this, cleanup is performed on a daily basis, and Bakker Construction has incorporated cleaning steps into our daily work checklists.

Here are some photos of the actions we take daily to ensure a clean home after a day of work. We also share these images with our clients on our cloud-based project management software:


Keeping our work areas clean and safe are just one of the many things that separates Bakker Construction from the competition.

Bakker Construction is a full-service design and build contractor, servicing the Monterey Peninsula. Our concierge-style service means we tailor our processes to meet the needs of our clients. Please give Bakker Construction a call and we would be glad to set up a time to discuss your project.