• On July 18, 2012 ·
As Bakker Construction consistently strives to better serve the needs and desires of our clients, we are happy to introduce you to the first edition of our Newsletter. We are excited to have the opportunity to do more to help serve our clients. In the pages to come throughout the year, you can expect tips and tricks for your own do-it-yourself home maintenance, suggestions for avoiding costly and painful mishaps around the house, some insight into industry standards and expectations, and maybe some completely unrelated topics for your reading pleasure.
Big-Sur-Bixby-Bridge As Bakker Construction continues to be a participant and contributor to our local economy and communities, it is important to us to always enhance the betterment of those around us, as well as the beautiful Central Coast where we are located. Recently on a backpacking trip into the Ventana Wilderness, I was reminded yet again about what a pleasure and luxury it is to live where we do. There are so many opportunities to enjoy hiking or mountain biking in Fort Ord, kayaking in Monterey Bay or attending the historic Salinas Rodeo. We look forward to seeing you on the trails, in a local tasting room or the grandstands during big week! Make sure you say “hi” and we will do the same-and if you have any great adventures you think we would enjoy or would like to have some ideas on where to spend your free time, please send us a note, we love to be distracted from office work!

As a signoff to our first newsletter I would like to remind all our friends, family and clients of the importance of working with qualified professionals in all aspects of your life. The pennies saved for sub-standard performance are the kinds of things that will haunt you for years to come. Just as important is always choosing to follow the straight and narrow path on your own ventures-it’s not always easy, not always convenient and not always what we would agree with, but the repercussions can be severe. In the last month the California State License Board has performed several stings state-wide in an effort to crack down on illegal contracting. Both the Monterey Herald and Salinas Californian have reported on the multiple arrests and stop work orders issued in the last weeks on the peninsula. Make sure that your next project is not raided, and hire only licensed and appropriately insured tradesman for all of your needs.

Have a great Big Week, a terrific summer and know that at Bakker Construction we greatly appreciate all of those that we are fortunate to call our clients and friends.
Shawn Bakker

Bakker Construction