• On April 30, 2018 ·

Do you crave a more pleasant shower trip?  Do you wish you had more options for your bathroom toilet?  Check out this list of some incredible new technology that can greatly enhance your time in the bathroom.

  1. Smart Mirrors.
    • These are not your mom’s medicine cabinets!  There are many exciting new options out there, including medicine cabinets that have the ability to dispense pills on a timer, can light up inside when you open the door, and have a refrigerated compartment for medicine or even beverage storage.  There are also new mirrors can defog automatically and give you the morning news with features that compare with a smart TV.  You can also adapt lighting around your mirrors, including vanity mirror lights that have different lighting settings, such as natural sunlight, and include motion sensors, so they light up when you approach.

  1. Smart Toilets.
    • The features on futuristic smart toilets currently hitting the market are nothing short of astonishing.  It may be a home feature you’ve not considered, but there are ways technology can even enhance something as personal as using the toilet!  Not only are green-initiatives included such as air dryers, overflow protection, and water saving settings, you are now able to have a touch-free experience every time.  Other popular features include automatic or touchless flushing, motion sensors to raise and lower toilet lids, automatic deodorizer, self-cleaning options and antimicrobial seats.  It is possible to have a pleasant experience with every “go” with LED lights, Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, heated seat and feet warmers–you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!

  1. Smart Tubs.
    • Imagine driving home from work and you’re dreaming about the luxurious bubble bath you’re going to take once you get home.  You now you have the tools and tech available to fill the perfect bath when you are on the road home with PerfectFill Technology.  This app allows the user to fill their tub with just the right amount of water, at the preferred water temperature, all with their   You could then arrive to your pre-filled soaking tub and turn on your waterproof TV, mounted over a glass fire pit.  Now, you could even start an air bath setting that delivers a steady stream of warm massaging bubbles resembling a hot spring in your tub.  With this technology, you have the ability to create a spa at home, and hardly need to lift a finger!

  1. Smart Showers.
  • An LED-illuminated digital interface allows you to set and save your shower preferences, from your perfect temperature to your ideal spray intensity, and activate it via remote control. Another new shower technology is H2oVibe which provides the luxury of a rain shower head, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It connects wirelessly and can even answer phone calls when connected to a smartphone.

  1. Smart Drawers.
    • Imagine jumping fresh and clean out of a steamy, warm shower or bath to discover the only towel available is folded up on the ice-cold tile floor. This could be avoided by installing a timed towel warming drawer, adjacent to your tub or shower, stocked full of freshly laundered, fluffy towels ready and waiting for you to wrap yourself in warmth.  This is a luxury smart system that anyone checking out your bathroom would swoon over.