• On March 26, 2018 ·

Imagine arriving to your vacation home in the Monterey Bay after laboring in the chaos of everyday life in a big city such as San Francisco or Los Angeles, to a serene oasis of life-giving, natural accents in your place of dwelling.  Many studies have shown that merging nature into our indoor spaces enhances our focus and health. And we since we spend 90% of our days, on average, indoors, your home should be a space in which you can come to simply collect yourself and be refreshed.  You will find in this article a few ideas for how to invite the outdoors into your abode.


Build your home around a tree.

Whether you are building your dream home or renovating a masterpiece, creating a space around nature not only is a brilliant use of resources, but this design concept is also timeless.



Create an indoor herb garden in your kitchen.

There is nothing like adding fresh picked herbs to a delicious meal, and planting an herb garden in your kitchen makes them readily available at your convenience! Hanging narrow box planters stuffed full of a variety of herbs like thyme, mint, rosemary, basil, parsley, and tarragon along a wall or two in your kitchen can add beauty as well as inspire the chef in you.



Build a green house.

Green houses are not solely used for commercial agriculture; a small 5’ by 10’ green house can provide any household with seasonal flowers, fruits, and vegetables year-round. Having ease of access to this type of greenery can liven up any home.  Connect with your green-thumb side and plant various flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and you can cut fresh flowers in the midst of winter or create dishes with different vegetables from your very own soil.  There is something special about foraging with the goods you have created; it has the potential ability to sooth and rejuvenate your spirit.



Choose rustic wood finishes.

Whether you choose natural cut wood countertops, or create a wood paneled accent wall, touches of wood can transform a cold, dark room into a warm atmosphere in an instant.



Add house plants.

The concept of adding live plants in order to bring nature into your home may seem obvious, but unfortunately this vital step is often overlooked. Simply adding an oxygen producing plant is the perfect accent to your chiffonier.  In fact, a peace lily has the ability to remove certain chemicals from the air that can cause harm to your immune system and other health risks.



Paint walls in earth tones.

Painting a room with earth tones such as Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray, Sherwin-Williams’ Vogue Green or other colors which resemble storms and deep green forests effectively invite a sense of nature into your home.



Add reclaimed barn wood accents.

Incorporating raw wood accents in your home welcomes a warm ambiance and leaves any guest in your home in wonderment and maybe even inspired to achieve the same feeling in their home. See the photo below from one of Bakker Construction’s previous projects that incorporated reclaimed barn wood in the design of the ceiling beams, range hood trim, and sliding pantry door.



Furnish with natural fibers.

Picture a sun room with a wicker rocking chair resting on a hand-woven sea grass spa rug. Notice faux fur draped over the beige colored love seat with a roaring fire in the background.  Each element shares a glimpse of green earth and fresh air.  Adding natural fiber elements to a room truly invites the outdoors in.



Add a water feature.

Whether it be a small desktop fountain or a natural creek that runs through the heart of your home, the sound of a babbling brook will sooth any soul.



Hang Nature based artwork.

Something as simple as displaying a stunning painting of a landscape made by your favorite local artist can liven up any room in your home. Not only will this piece be beautiful, you are personally drawn to it and that’s very important when creating a nature scape all to your own.  Still life photos of wildlife or nature scenes can also change the feel of a space and bring in the outdoors.


Now that you have some helpful tips on how to invite nature into your home, feel free to be inspired to create your own space.  Bakker Construction specializes in Design/Build in the Monterey Bay area and we would be thrilled to help make these tips and ideas into reality.